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A Healthy Start with Bihary Family Dental in Altoona, PA

Being a family dental practice, Bihary Family Dental in Altoona welcomes new patients and families who want to make sure their youngest members are off to a healthy start when it comes to their dental care. Dr. Bihary and his staff can show our youngest patients and their parents the best way to clean new and existing teeth as they emerge. Call us today at (814) 317-5349 or contact us online to schedule your child’s dental appointment.

We begin seeing children as young as 3½ years and suggest checkups following every six months. Working together, we show the best ways to keep young mouths clean and healthy. Care of primary teeth can be very important for a child’s overall nutrition and growth. This is the time when a daily routine begins.

Nervous or Afraid? Local Pediatric Dentistry at Its Best

Dr. Bihary and his staff work with families to help put everyone at ease. Young patients learn how to let trusted adults check their mouth and teeth for any problems. Parents are put at ease knowing Dr. Bihary is nearby as a caring, pediatric dentist when there are questions or problems that can arise with food, cleaning, or other trauma to the mouth and teeth.

We understand when children (and even adults!) are nervous or afraid, so we do our best to make every experience positive. Parents are welcome to sit with and support their child to make the experience less scary.

Serious Toothache or Mouth Injury?

Starting from around age one as babies eat more solid foods and begin to walk, this can also be when emergency visits happen. Having a sore tooth can cause children to lose sleep, not eat, and miss school as they grow older. Do not let an infection, serious toothache, or other mouth injury sideline your young one! This is especially true if they have a mouth injury where the teeth are involved. Bring them to Bihary Family Dental for care right away.

Stay Up-to-Date with Bihary Family Dental!

Keep bringing your children to Bihary Family Dental. Dr. Bihary looks forward to being here, right in the Altoona community, whenever you and your family need dental care or have questions about oral health. We encourage all our patients to stay up-to-date with their dental appointments. Bihary Family Dental works with several different insurance providers to help keep quality pediatric dental care affordable. If you need a form filled out for school or daycare, our office is here for you.

As our pediatric patients mature, we are happy to transfer to our adult services.

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